What's Hot, Autumn Make-Up
By : Stylish Sandra

The trends for make up that we’ve been seeing on the catwalks are BIG AND BOLD.  Make up is all about showing strength in women and metallic lipsticks are big news, lush glittery eye-shadow is on trend and strong boned highlighted cheeks are high fashion.  There’s nothing demure about the 2017 woman, she’s showing her power and she’s not afraid to.

I love the pic of model Adwoa Aboah above who was seen on the catwalk modelling for Rihanna. Her eyeshadow is a beautiful red and the painted lines under her eyes are POWER.  They don’t go as far as war paint but they definitely show that she’s not someone to be messed with.  I think it’s a good feminist style make up!

I’m always a bit shy with make up.  I wear a bit of lipstick and I sometimes have eyelash extensions but otherwise I’m low key.  Mostly, it’s because I’m not very good at applying make-up or I’ve never really learned how to do it.  If I don’t have fake eyelashes then I do use a good eyeliner and must say I am pretty good at doing cats eyes. Try Maybelline Master Chromatics Eye Liner.

The thing about dramatic make-up, like Adwoa Aboah, is that you can wear it with simple clothing and still turn heads.  If I had to paint my face like her, I would probably wear a simple pair of jeans with a plain black t-shirt and a pair of killer high heels.  It’s the same as dramatic hair.  If you have an amazing hairstyle you can wear low key clothing and look unbelievably funky.  Check out this pic of Kristen Stewart and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Make up does not have to be expensive.  It does have to be fresh though.  There’s nothing worse than using a mascara that gets all lumpy because it’s old.  And lipstick goes off you know! You might not realise because you’re using it daily but lipsticks do get old so buy yourself a new one every few months. You can get a large selection at low prices in Zazsi's Makeup section here, including brands like Anastasia, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Benefit, and many more.

I always have a red in my handbag and I’m never afraid to redo my lips, publicly, after lunch.  I think it’s quite sexy, cue Rihanna!

Lip gloss is always sexy too. And of course dark and thick eyebrows (real, pencilled or tattooed) make a fab statement.  I know that I’m going to get braver with my make up this fall and maybe you will too.  Keep your skin clean and moisturised, dab on your perfume, do your eyes, your lips, your cheeks, don’t be scared (like me) and let’s go out there and be powerful and beautiful women.

Cue Lagy Gaga…