Pink is the new Black
By : Stylish Sandra

Pink is having a huge comeback as was clearly evident at New York’s fashion week.  Not only were there many stunning dresses and evening  gowns in a variety of pinks, but so were the model’s hair, lips, cheeks and accessories.  Pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick, pink hair which is divine and pink shoes, bags and bracelets.

I am traditionally a ‘black’ fashion person. I love wearing black cocktail dresses, black jeans, all black everything. I have what is called a ‘New York’ wardrobe.  Black black black.  But after New York fashion week, it is time to instil some colour into my wardrobe too.  I think that millennial pink may well be the new black, and I just love all these models posing with Kanye West, in their pale pink but very gorgeous outfits.

Not just colour, but glitz.  Here is a pic of Gigi Hadid in the most stunning pink dress with extraordinary glitzy sleeves.  It’s Tom Ford who also featured pink heavily, not just pale pink but also shocking pink, bright pink, everything pink

I love this Amelia Rose skirt which is an Asos dress.  It’s a really pale pink with a tulle skirt and a lovely pink and silver bodice.  I think it was inspired by New York fashion week and it is just divine! Should I order one online? I think I should.

This Paper Dolls Sweetheart dress is also to die for.  It’s a bright pink, can be worn for day or night, and YES, we all need more pink in our wardrobes.  I am going on a pink mission, watch out for my new pink profile pic!

As I said, pink hair was also huge.  Various shades of pink, platinum and lavender have been trendy for a while now. If you’re going to do your hair pink, do it, but go to a good hairstylist.  There’s skill in getting the right colour and you don’t want to look like you’ve dipped your hair in food dye.  Look how gorgeous Stella Lucia looks with her pink hair, modelling for Alexander Wang in the main pic!