Make Your Wardrobe Classic with these Must Haves for summer 2017
By : Monica Miraj

Recently, I have had the experience of browsing different categories and designs on Zazsi and they have a variety of options in each category. So I was really impressed and also intrigued and decided to delve into each category to find the perfect things for myself!


This year summer has really planned to leave its mark everywhere in the world very prominently. To cope up with the extreme weather, rompers are the ride or die outfit for this season! Not only are they super comfortable but also the quality of the rompers has been outstanding in my experience. I highly recommend that you try a few designs yourself and embrace the weather. They have really cute off shoulder on trend designs like this one. Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Floral Embroidery Romper

Shoulder Bags

I, personally, find shoulder bags to be very convenient to carry around, as they are smaller in size and easy to manage/carry around. However, I was unable to find one I really liked. But when I came across this website, I found the perfect style for myself and it is even more gorgeous in person!

Coccinelle CALF CUOIO women’s Shoulder Bag in multicolour

Flats and Shoes

Nothing screams summer better than a casual pair of comfortable flats for a lazy day out in the sun in this weather! Not only are flats really chic but also they keep your feet at ease compared to wearing formal closed or high-heeled shoes for work. Your feet also need some time off to relax and for that I was able to find the cutest, most comfortable somewhat gladiator styled flat strappy shoes these are perfect for a stroll during the day!

ASOS FALIA Suede Tie Leg Flat Sandals – Beige


I have always struggled in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for myself as they either do not fit properly or do not complement my face shape. I am so grateful to the website for having such a wide range of sunglasses available and even the designs that are on trend amongst the most famous celebrities! I was able to find this perfect pair of sunglasses for myself and I could not have been happier!

Black Flat Top Sunglasses


Fragrance is usually a personal preference and sometimes it becomes really difficult for you to find the perfect scent that complements your personality and has also long lasting fragrance. I am really picky about fragrances so when I saw that they had a travel set of J’adore fragrances that includes 4 different fragrances I was overjoyed! This way I can now use 4 different fragrances and choose the best one to purchase the full size. 

TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE The Scents of J’Adore (4piece)