Leather Blend
By : Stylish Sandra

I love handbags or purses as some people call them.  I love them in all colours and all sizes.  I don’t like anyone going through the contents of my handbag though - lipstick, perfume, notebooks, jelly beans, crumpled tissues, the odd chocolate or so - but I do like it when people admire my bag!

A good leather handbag is an investment but it’s also expensive.  I’ve kind of gone the route of leather blends.  If this is a new word for you, a ‘leather blend’ is something made of genuine leather and patent leather, or genuine leather combined with fabric.   The blend brings down the cost of the bag but it still looks magnificent.   It also means you can have many bags without breaking the bank.

One of my favourite bags is the Tommy Hilfiger plaid bag with leather straps and pockets.  It’s super stylish and rather elegant but has just that little bit of funk.

And then there’s this ‘Gucci Jackie Soft’ which is to die for. Okay, it’s Gucci, it’s probably more genuine leather than anything else, but look at how magnificent Katie Holmes looks with this pink beauty!

Leather blends are big news for summer 2017.  Don’t worry if you hadn’t heard the term before, it was pretty new for me too and I pride myself on being on top of fashion trends!  But now you know it, look out for it.  And it can be any kind of blend - satin and leather with a little gold sounds pretty cool.

There are some lovely bags and purses here under MyBag. Check them out, especially this Diane Von Furstenberg satin blended bag.  Oh my, it’s gorgeous. 

  Diane Von Furstenberg satin blended bag

Mango makes a pretty cool leather blend bag too. I know, I have one!

Leather blends are not only about handbags but also watches and accessories.  Watches with interchangeable straps are divine, you can have leather one day and rose-gold the next.  This watch by Oasis is a leather blend with a metallic face and works as a bracelet too. I think I want one! 

 Watch by Oasis

Tell me about your watches and what kind you like to wear.  Also, about your handbags, who your favourite designer is and how many bags you have.  And there’s no need to worry, we don’t have to discuss the contents!