Jeans and a white shirt
By : Stylish Sandra

Today was one of those days where I woke up and thought to myself:  ‘Oh no, what am I going to wear?’  Which is, I am quite sure, a sentiment that all of you have felt at one time or another.  We all have days of ‘I have nothing to wear’, even when our closets are jam packed with the most delicious clothing.

I’ve learned that instead of trying on a zillion things, throwing them over my chair and feeling despondent, to go with my ‘uniform’.  And my uniform is a pair of denim jeans with a classic white shirt.  You can never go wrong with this look.  It’s stylish, can be smart or casual, is easy to wear and will always fit in with your mood.

Jeans and a white shirt can be worn day or night.  You can dress the look up with a pair of heels or you can roll up your jeans and throw on a pair of converse tackies.  You can wear your shirt with the sleeves rolled down or push them up for a casual, fun feel.  And if you want a little accessory, carry a brightly coloured purse or wear some fab earrings.

NYTT Low Cut Long Sleeve Top in White

You can never go wrong with jeans and a white shirt.  And if you have a few white shirts, you can honestly wear this look every single day and night.  Make it your signature look! It’s easy and it’s sexy, and then you can keep your fabulous frocks for special occasions.

Long Sleeve Pullover Blouse

You never need to have a pile of clothes thrown over your chair again!

I love faded denim jeans with a couple of holes (sorry Dad) with elegant shoes and a classic shirt.  It’s a sexy look but also elegant, stylish and high fashion.  Have a look at Olivia Palermo in the title image.  She’s my style icon and her wardrobe is stunning but simple -  Jeans, a white shirt, ankle boots and an amazing red purse.

And look at this pic of Alexa Chung. Jeans, a white shirt, ankle boots and an amazing red purse.

I have five pairs of jeans in my closet.  There’s a skinny, flared, faded, black and my favourite, the ones filled with holes.  You can spend a fortune on jeans, but you don’t have to.  Check out this pair - again, sorry Dad :0 but they’re divine.  And pretty reasonable too.

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