Fashion Week, 2017
By : Zazsi Style Magazine

London Fashion Week starts in just under two weeks and the streets of London are going to be bustling with activity, fashion models, fashion designers, clothes rails being wheeled in and out of venues, celebrities and fashion fans alike.

If you’ve never been to a fashion show, they’re amazing.  I remember going to my first ever show, it was Marianne Fassler from South Africa, and I was blown away.  A fashion show is so much more than just fashion - it’s art, creativity, texture, design, beauty, difference, culture and life.   Marianne Fassler combines African flair and flavour in all her designs, she is vibrant, her clothing is unbelievable and there’s usually a hint of leopard skin print somewhere.

Marianne Fassler

If you cannot afford Marianne Fassler, although you can get some amazing deals online, look at this hoodie with a bit of leopard print and also this divine underwear set.


The models for Fashion Week have to work hard.  They audition and it’s also around about now that you see models wandering in and out of auditions with the most amazing toned bodies.  There are some designers that use the same models year in and year out, but Fashion Week is also the perfect time for new models to enter the fashion scene.  They go to several auditions, or castings as they are known in the fashion world, and may well model for a few designers at once.

The pace at any Fashion Week is frenetic.  There are many shows, often simultaneously, and there is a lot of pressure on designers to be on time.  As a ticket holder, you need to know that fashion shows are a bit like theatre.  You get your ticket, wait in a queue (unless you’re Kim Kardashian) and then you get seated.  There are lights and glitz and cocktails, there are celebrities, lots of kissing in the air, stunning clothes and lots of congratulations and more cocktails after.  It’s a lot of fun.

Here’s the schedule for this year’s London Fashion Week.  It may be a little late but you can buy tickets online or get them outside the shows, hoping for cancellations.  Try and go, even if you’re not that into fashion.  You will learn a lot, and also about how fashion is so much more than just clothing.

And then - look online.  Because the designers inspire so many boutiques and more commercial designers and you may just find the dress that you loved on Gigi Hadid available, at a much more affordable price, online.

The New York Fashion Week starts now, London Fashion Week is 15 to 19 September and Paris Fashion Week starts on 26 September.