Celebs I love
By : Stylish Sandra

There are a few celebrities that I absolutely adore and who I admire not only for their work but also for their amazing style.  Ive often written about Rihanna and her wardrobe and in particular the extraordinary dress that she wore to the Met Gala.  Ive mentioned the Hadid sisters a lot and I love the way they dress, also Cara Delevingne who has a fab androgynous style and superb dress sense.

But for me, Tilda Swinton is my real mentor.  Not only do I love her work, shes an astonishing actress, but she sounds like an extraordinary human being too.  Shes done tons of charity work, I loved her in the Netflix movie Okja amongst others, and man I love her style.

Tilda has never quite followed fashion trends and that is what makes her so cool. She can wear something simple like these gorgeous black pants and black jacket, or she can go totally nuts and look like shes stepped off another planet.

You could follow Tildas simple tuxedo-like style with this pair of NYDJ Alina black pants, find yourself a black jacket, a low cut but very ordinary white shirt and dont forget the killer red lips.  You will look smart, stylish, elegant and sexy, all at the same time.

Tilda also pushes all the boundaries.  She has no issue wearing the most outrageous clothing and in this pic she wears her own Tilda brand of fashion, not following any rules.  To be honest this dress would probably look awful on anyone else but Tilda can get away with anything.  And look at her hair, I just love it.

This Chi Chi Tall Keeley dress would look fantastic on Tilda. Most people would wear it with a pair of high black shoes but knowing Ms Swinton, shed rock it with bright green Doc Martens or similar.  I would wear it with black shoes but then, Im not Tilda.

Do you have a favourite celebrity? Its a fun thing to do, to follow their style.  You can follow them on Instagram or Twitter, or, you can follow me.  Im going to write about other celebs and their fashion styles soon!  Watch out for Gwyneth Paltrow next