Zazsi "3 P's".... Publication - Promotion - Payment.

Are you an aspiring or established Fashion, Beauty, or Lifestyle blogger?

Zazsi Interactive Lifestyle Magazine will publish your content, promote it to 1000's of like-minded people, and pay you!
Why Publish Content on Zazsi?

Increase your audience simply by publishing new or existing content in the magazine. We will help promote that content and bring you more readers and followers. If you can write or otherwise produce unique content, you are guaranteed to increase your audience. 

Your articles will not only be published in the online magazine, they will be promoted and shared with our audiences on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Each published article can also be shared to all major social media platforms, and onto Wordpress sites and blogs, by any of our members and visitors.

Do I need to have an existing blog?

No. You can simply create your blog on Zazsi, brand it, and publish your content here. Then share that content to your other social media accounts. You can even set up your own domain and point it to your Zazsi account..

If you do already have a blog or social media account where you post your style, you can also publish that content in our magazine to grow your audience and followers, and link or publsh the post to your current blog from the magazine.

Are there any other advantages?

Yes, there is an active Blogger Hub where bloggers create threads and discuss issues that concern them. For example regulations, dealing with merchants, getting paid, affiliate networks and more.

And there is a Questions and Answers section where Zazsi bloggers help each other directly.

It is all designed to help bloggers and other members make the most out of what they do - create great inspiring content.

will i be paid?

Yes - to learn more about our exciting revenue model click & join here.

So, all you need to do is simply signup, promote Zazsi using our large selection of banners and links, then sit back and reap the rewards - extra income & having your content read by the people you want it to reach.

If you have any questions about how it works or getting started, contact us here.

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