Choker Dresses
By : Stylish Sandra

Practically all my favourite celebrities are wearing chokers this season, including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and these same celebs are also wearing choker dresses. And because I love dresses, and accessories, I love the idea of a choker dress.  It combines my two favourite things!

Have a look at choker dresses. They’re much more than just a dress.  A choker dress is a statement, it’s sexy, it’s individual and it’s completely eye-catching.  I love this navy blue swing dress. It’s simple but the choker gives it that added wow factor.  The choker adds style. 

There’s something incredibly feminine about a choker dress.  One of the first choker dresses I fell in love with was a designer dress that I found on eBay.  It was sophisticated and elegant but the choker part of it caught my eye immediately.  I always need a ‘little black dress’ and a LBD with a choker somehow makes the dress just a little bit more alluring.

I bought it of course, dear reader, and if cost me a small fortune.  But there are plenty of choker dresses that are super stylish and well priced too!

By the way, someone like Rihanna wears more than one choker at a time. She’s been seen walking around, wine glass in hand (as only Rihanna can do) often wearing a choker dress and a choker and another choker too.  I’m not sure I would do this but if you’re confident and carry yourself with the same confidence and style - why not try it!   Chokers and choker dresses are high fashion.

When I talk about fashion, dresses in particular, I often think of the plus size woman.  There’s a choker dress here that is so sexy and perfect for the woman with curves.  And I love the way the model is wearing the dress, with thigh high socks.  Sexy. Confident. Divine.

Choker tops are also gorgeous.  I have a few in my cupboard, a black one, a white one and a pink one.  Wear a simple pair of jeans with a choker top and you immediately look a little more elegant and dressed up.  Never mind the sex appeal!

And all of this brings me to chokers. Chokers have been all over the fashion runways this spring.  They’re made out of velvet, satin, leather, beads and metal.  They’re unusual, they’re eye-catching, they’re thick and thin, they’re metallic and gold and they too complete an outfit.   And add the ‘wow factor.’  Get yourself one.  Or two.  Get out there and dazzle!

Metallic Pink Choker Necklace


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